Over The Counter Diet Pills – Appetite Suppressants or Fat Binders?

Losing weight is always much harder compared to gaining some. If you are one of those individuals who are affected with obesity or being overweight, you might find out that it really is hard shedding the extra pounds. But that is not entirely true. If you just have the discipline, diet and exercise would be enough. But that is where a lot of people having weight issues fail. Even though they do exercises each day, what they could not discipline themselves with is the way they eat. Exercise would entirely be for naught if a person would still overeat, much more if they do that after every exercise then go to sleep. That would cancel out all the effort you have put through in exercising. If you are one of those individuals then you might go with over the counter diet pills.

You might ask why go for over the counter diet pills and not the prescribed ones. Well, it is because there are some advantages when going with them than the latter. But you should also be careful and not just purchase anything without knowing about what you would be buying. You should equip yourself with information about them first before opting to buy. But that is not what is going to be discussed here. This article will discuss which is better among the two – appetite suppressants or fat binders? These two are considered to be good when it comes to losing weight. But which of the two is much better?

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants have been quite popular in the past. They work by playing with the chemicals in the brain; the ones that control a person’s appetite. It works by making you feel satiated even though you are on an empty stomach. This should be taken before every big meal. This kind of diet pill is mainly for those who are obese. And that may be a reason that you should not go with it if it is sold over the counter. Because there are side effects that would be life threatening if this kind of diet pill is abused.

Fat Binders

Fat binders also known as fat magnets work by binding the fats in the stomach. This kind of diet pill interacts with the food lipids in the upper portion of the stomach and binds them which would make it indigestible. What is good about this kind of diet pill is that there would be no side effects when taking them.

Both of the over the counter diet pills mentioned have their own charms. If you are obese, it is much better that you go with appetite suppressants rather than fat binders. Taking these kinds of medication would always require you to have knowledge about them; much more if their sold over the counter.

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